Do you charge more for weekends?
Giving a fair go to the customers that can only move on weekends is important to us, so our rates are only
$10 Pr Hr extra on weekends.

Do you move offices as well?
Yes we do.

Can you dismantle and reassemble (beds, wall units, desks…)?
We carry General tools, and we can definitely help you with that. Special tools (drills…) need to be
supplied by the customer.

When and how do we pay?
At the end of the move.
Payment is Cash unless prearranged.

What about the free box service?
$5 bond paid per box and refunded upon return of boxes, If available.

Can my mates help the removalists?
Of course, any actions that could save the customers money we embrace. But please do not jump inside
the truck, since the insurance does not cover you!!

Any hidden costs?
Not at all!! GST Inclusive.

When should I call ?
The earlier, the better.
Ph 0417420020

Can my possessions be stored temporarily?
If you are unable to take immediate possession of your new residence, your belongings can be stored in a
local storage. We provide safe storage facilities for holding your goods until you’re ready for them.
However, you are responsible for the storage charges, warehouse valuation coverage and final delivery
charges from the warehouse.