Sep 18 at 12:42 PM
To Ken Mcgregor

Thank you so much for all your hard work for our move. You guys really exceeded our expectations and I’m not sure
you could have got worse conditions: high wind, an unforgivably steep driveway, mud and nowhere to put anything in
a house that was under renovation. The two trucks, the skill of the truck driver getting at least halfway up the
mudslide, the strength of your 4 men, their willingness to continue to carry everything up the drive despite the incline
and your pleasant disposition was most appreciated on such a trying day. We had no breaks, no losses and no bad
words or loss of temper and best of all you guys were much more affordable on an hourly rate - your estimation was
spot on! So thanks again to HGSW Removals - highly recommended.

Karin Martine
11        Sep To Ken Mcgregor
Sorry been super busy. Shane and Glen were fantastic, lovely fellas and were super professional, I'm so happy with
the job they did! Oh and I have a super crush on glen haha :) thanks so much and will use you in the future! Cheers
H.G.S.W. Removals